Crab Cakes, Indeterminate Vegetable Dish

Let's start with the crab cakes, because they are pretty straightforward--although I did realize I was out of Dijon mustard halfway through making these, and substituted dill mustard, which I liked a lot. The dill and seafood combination was reminiscent of a time when these summer projects were about 8000% more ambitious and social and such.  

Sorry I did not organize a "wildly hip Scandinavian party" around these, I know one of you is very disappointed

Now, the problem occurs with the second dish, which is Samin Nosrat's cabbage slaw. There is no problem inherent in the dish itself, which is my very very very favorite version of cabbage. The problem is that I definitely thought I was making a Stardew dish when I picked it, and later could not recall which dish. For example, if I meant for this to be a Red Plate...

 ...then I left out the radishes.

And if I meant for this to be Coleslaw...

...then I left out the mayonnaise. 

Now, my first thought was "mmmm kind of seems like this recipe can just cover both of those dishes, it's close enough, who puts mayonnaise with red cabbage anyway, also I could lie and say I did add radishes, pretty sure no one will analyze the picture closely enough to call me on it" BUT THEN that visit to the comprehensive Bon Appetit coverage of blogging nightmares past reminded me of who I am, a person who does a lot of extra work to be exacting about meaningless projects that no one asked for.

Anyway, this was a good meal.

I hope you all are having some summer adventures.

And appropriately awarding yourselves with queso thereafter.

ASSESSMENT: I think the crab cakes did make me feel faster and more...defensive

PROJECT STATUS: Unnecessarily complicated