Back off spell-check, I know what I said

I made some clams! They tasted like mussels! They were...probably not worth firing up the grill for, since they totaled about a third of an ounce of meat, but that kind of thinking is not summer embracening. BA#47: Grilled clams with herb butter.

Here's why I endorse this recipe: five times more butter than clam.
Anna did not eat any clams, but she was intrigued by the shells.

"Hey, you guys? What is this thing?"

"No, LOOK AT IT. What the hell?"
BA#48: Basmati rice and summer vegetable salad. I don't understand why all these grain/rice-based salads have to make about fourteen portions just because I'm too lazy to measure out how much rice I'm buying and definitely too lazy to do anything but dump it all in the pot oh wait I see what happened there.

At least I have lunches! Until October!
BA #49: Strawberry tarts with ginger-nut crust. These are good, but a little fussy for an everyday snack. I guess you could make them as a dinner party dessert if your guests don't want to eat refined sugar.

They sound like a lot of fun.
Or you could just let your toddler frown at them.

This is the route I personally favor.
Oh weird, Anna traveled back to 1983 in order to not enjoy Sesame Place. Okay, no, it's me, and eagled-eyed Tweeter -R- spotted the SLIGHT family resemblance.

In my defense, this does look pretty creepy.
Finally, a plug I forgot to be plugging last time! Plug plug plug okay, sorry, got distracted because that is a fun word. I promise I'm not high. Over on the side of the blog I've added a link to my friend Emily's Etsy shop. (You may recall that her daughter is Ivy's BEST FRIEND.) I know I can't possibly be the only person on the internet who cannot sew, despite what Pinterest keeps insisting, so I also can't be the only person who needs someone else to make all the adorable bags, bibs, car seat covers, etc. So go buy them! END PLUG. (Plug plug plug.)