For the record, she was mildly complimentary

We made a Chocolate Strawberry Slab Pie for Pi Day. Notice I didn't say we made a Chocolate Strawberry Slab Pie on Pi Day, we did not get around to it on Pi Day. But it was in recognition of it having recently been Pi Day.

For Pi Day!

Conversely, I made our St. Patrick's Day Irish Stew ahead of schedule because I will be working on Saturday and probably don't have stew-amounts of time to prep dinner. So both Pi Day and St. Pat's were culinarily commemorated on the Ides of March this year, woo spring break.

Sometimes things get wild

Just want to take a minute to say that my two children are both smart and funny and terrific and I think they're the cat's pajamas. 

Can't say enough good things

Unrelated, yesterday's entire morning activity was reading through this archives of this blog.



Today they might try for a figure eight

How is the onset of DST treating you? We had breakfast for dinner last night, so I've personally never felt more lost in time and space.

I honestly don't know which way is up, but if it means more eggs I'm fine with it

We have escaped once again to YaYa and PaPa's house, where the very limited internet access requires my children to create their own fun. 

This game, for example, is called "Circles."

It eventually progressed to "Advanced Circles."

So, maybe you are having more fun on your spring break than we are, but...I kind of doubt it.


She accessed this character pretty easily

Definitely feeling some spring fever restlessness this week, but I managed to focus enough to make a few...bowls of stuff.

Bowl of soup:

Clam Chowder with Broccoli and Corn

Bowl of noodles: 

Chocolate Buttermilk Muffins

For Career Day this year, the girls were a baker and an artist.

A temperamental artist.


Here comes the onslaught of extra daylight

Hello everyone, I hope you're ready because it's already Oh No It's 80 Degrees Why Didn't I Make More Stews When I Had The Chance season here in Austin. Now everything has to be "light and fresh" or whatever for like eight months. Sigh.

Fine here is some salmon and green things 

Anna tried her hand at merengues over the weekend, which means even our cookies are light.

And our looks are fresh.


Tapped out

 ATTENTION: yesterday, March 1, 2018, I did the following things:

 1) made pasta, fancy pasta that was very wide and flat and had pistachios and mint

2) facilitated some Dr. Seuss costumery 

which means that I have used up all of my productivity for the month of March the rest of 2018. Thanks for understanding.


The line between self-care and self-destruction is fuzzy and warm

I like to use Monday night's meal as a way to set the tone for the week, so...blinis and bacon it is.

You better believe I was setting intentions with that whipped cream

Anna helped, from behind the safety of the world's most excessive potholder.

It can hold all your pots at once

Yesterday I read this Jia Tolentino piece about weighted blankets from beneath my very own weighted blanket and all I can tell you is I wish I had gotten the heaviest one possible, because my greatest desire is to be literally smothered in comfort. If 15 pounds makes me feel noticeably calmer, wouldn't 150 pounds be even better than that?

Note that this same theory is essentially why I stopped drinking


You probably shouldn't have crossed her, to be fair

Bon Appetit is focused on sandwiches this month, which I applaud. I think other magazines should follow suit. And also Bon Appetit, in all future months. 

*types "All Sandwiches Magazine" into search bar, is initially disappointed then gradually inspired to embark upon life's work*

Green Goddess Tuna Salad Sandwich. I really liked this, possibly because of all the sour cream.

Scrambled Egg Sandwich. I also really liked this, possibly because of all the cream cheese.

It has been gray and wet and below 70 degrees here in central Texas for at least, what, three days? Anyway, it drove me straight to the Ice Monster Book section of the library.

That wasn't a complaint, by the way, I have a very Shirley Manson-esque relationship to literal rain.

School picture proofs are in! I think they did a good job capturing their current personalities this year, in that Anna looks like a slightly resigned science teacher and Ivy looks like she just put a hex on your goats but you haven't realized it yet.

Equally proud of both


One of these sentences would be a terrific campaign slogan

Hello. My children have an inexplicable four-day weekend. Like, it is still our weekend. Right now. On Tuesday. So we are on grandparent-vacation.

Frisbee for the children.

Serious and important grown up strategizing for the grown ups.

Buttered tortillas for everyone.


I should probably increase their allowance

So, I mean, here's this again: https://everytown.org. It's been one of those weeks (of so many) where if I didn't have any access to outside news, everything would seem pretty great. Valentine's parties! A third grade Western-themed program that involved small children dressed as tumbleweeds singing the entirety of "Desperado!" No cavities! A new living room rug! Cats doing cute cat stuff! But I do have access to outside news, so it was simultaneously a week of horror, and of superstitious thinking about how to magically protect my children with my mind. Which I can't. So I will instead make my donation recurring, and just keep going, keep going, keep going.

Here's some food.

Korean Vegetable Pancake

Longevity Noodles

And here's some silliness.

I decided the cats needs to take up a little bit more responsibility around the house, so I put Alice in charge of bookmarking.

And made Isabelle the deputy treasurer for Anna's Girl Scout troop.


Cue up the Rebirth Brass Band

It seems like Mardi Gras always comes up on blog post day, mused the under-caffeinated woman who has written a post every Tuesday for the last seven and a half years.

We pre-gamed last night with some Red Beans and Rice. I don't usually follow a recipe, but this particular one did result in red beans and rice and therefore I recommend it.

Can't ask for a better result than beans and rice

It is of course Pancake Tuesday, so I dutifully set my alarm twenty minutes early as though I did not know for a fact that my cat would wake me up an hour before that. And she did! 

It's like having a rooster that instead of crowing gently yet insistently bites my chin

So I had a long, luxurious amount of time to put together these Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes. These aren't entirely in the spirit of Fat Tuesday, as they are slightly sneaky-healthy, but I very much doubt our diet going forward will be entirely in the spirit of Lent, either.

I am also planning to make savory pancakes tonight. In the interest of intense multi-theming, they are Korean-style savory pancakes, in honor of the Winter Games in Pyeongchang (or as I have been referring to them, The "But I'm Old Enough To Be His Mother" Show). Anyway, I guess we'll see how well my theme-pairing abilities hold up to tomorrow's expert-level Ash Wednesday/Valentine's Day challenge.