Like a well-oiled machine

Well, we did it. We were very brave and returned to school despite LEGITIMATE WINTERNESS.

Not pictured: me, in my Farmer Boy cosplay

As promised, I fought off this arctic charge with the power of casseroles.

Homesick Texan's Chicken Spaghetti

Southwest Veggie and Rice

Anyway, we only had one sick day and one ice day and one holiday weekend day and one accidental late pickup this week, so I would say we're 100% back on track, schedule-ly speaking.


Probably also waffle-making words now that I think of it

Listen, for a Central Texan, this text from yesterday contained some very strong words

Stew-making words.

Of course, it was a sunny 65 degrees during the actual stew-making, but the point was to fortify ourselves for the inevitable school cancelation ahead. Success! School is canceled, and I am fortified. I am also faced with the fact that in the past TWENTY-SEVEN DAYS both of my children have attended a full day of school at once TWO TIMES. 




So I guess they are homeschooled now. We are studying...thermodynamics.

And logistics.


Nano-resolution, check

I decided to give exactly one meal over to a Very January Resolution recipe, and the winner was: Eating Well insisting that slices of sweet potato are basically the same as toast, when you think about it.

That's a extremely January belief system you're operating under, Eating Well

Then some weather blew in, and it was carrying the devil's own pollen.

And the only relief for such a thing, of course, is Gingery Ramen with Eggs.

Anyway, the girls have been back in school for four days now and have spend one half of that time trading off being too sick to actually go. In case you were curious about how productive my back-to-the-grind week has been.

Not terribly!


New year, same us

Our winter break ended mere moments ago with the arrival of the school bus, so we have finally joined the ranks of the back-to-the-grind, like, eight weeks or so behind the rest of the world.

Au revoir, mountain retreat. Bonjour, consistent wifi!

Of course, we immediately buckled down to undo the weeks of holiday decadan--no I'm just kidding, we celebrated our last day of vacation with pancakes and pizza and ice cream.

And kitty kisses.


Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds

Okay, we did not last very long in the cave. 2018 seems like a good year to shake things up, so we decided to go hard the opposite direction and take to the mountains instead.

It was great!

Very triumphant.

But then, inevitably, the Mountain Madness set in.

Plus, we kinda missed our waffles.

And our falafels.

And our shopping!

And our...concrete...things.

So now we wait and see where the wind will take us next. 

Probably back to our cats.

And our Twitter.


Hello! (hello! hello! hello!)

On the last day of 2017, it snowed in Austin. Again. Very distressing!

So I made our black-eyed peas road trip-able.

And we fled.

To a cave!

It's kind of dark down here and I just learned about a little monster bug with a lot of legs that eats crickets but we're cozy and it's nice and quiet and I don't get any reception to check Twitter.

2018 mood


Auld acquaintance

In the week between Christmas and New Years, I subsist primarily on cookies, Chex Mix, beef jerky, fancy nut mixes, and will occasionally request that the house elves make pancakes for me.

I also do not look at Twitter. It is the only time I am happy.

But it means that I don't have any new recipes for the week. What I do have is a list of baked goods that I managed to throw together in between candles batches, only one of which was a gooey disaster and probably only half of which contained more than trace amounts of soy wax.

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Bars (aka The Gooey Disaster)

Double Chocolate Icebox Cookies

Mini Eggnog Donut Muffins

Ginger Molasses Cookies

PB and J Blondies

I received many lovely/thoughtful/delicious gifts this year, but Andy wins the Most Baffling Yet Delightful Thing To Receive In The Mail With No Note award for the Scots language version of the first Harry Potter book.

I mean, look at this thing. Every page is a wee treasure.

Have a safe and happy Hogmanay out there, everyone!


I did not send Christmas cards, just pick a couple of these pictures and print them out thx

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a good one and that your little sister did not make you wait two full hours to open presents while she slept in.

And that if you got socks, you were excited about them.

And that you are rolling in cash.

And that your holiday fashion was on point.

But also, listen: if you are totally over it? I get it.

Anyway, six more days until Midterms Year! Happy Holidays!


Downtime is a January activity

How was everyone's Solstice? Deep and dark? Frozen and frigid?

Same, same

The girls had their last day of the semester yesterday, so based on over thirty years of history with the public school system in Texas, I assume that I now have what, a week? Ten days probably? To get ready for Christmas, which is good becau--*touches earpiece* *looks concerned* ah, we're getting reports that..hmm. Yes, I see. Folks, I'm being told that Christmas is in three days. Guess we should check on how everything is going.

Ambition Corner Status: Dismantled

Artistic Phase Status: Abstract

Chef's Hat Status: Tall

Cat Packing Status: Ready to go

Baby Brother Status: Turning...*squints at printout* 35 today? That can't be right.

Happy birthday, Nathaniel!