Managed to get an Erasure song in my head at the end there

Hi. I haven't really cooked this week. I have pretty big plans though.

It's not like I haven't accomplished anything, I talked my five-year-old into out of uncomfortable sparkly shoes and into somewhat practical shoes for P.E. days. 

If you do not think this is a week's worth of accomplishment, you have not spent much time with my five-year-old.

We are mostly doing fine with Dan out of town, although we are almost out of teeth.

Hope he remembers to pick some up on his way home.

Anyway, today is the last day to make sure your Wick Habit purchase goes fully toward the SPLC, and also here is a hero playing the Sousaphone to protest a KKK march. It is a good protest.

Don't give up, guys. It's hard to avoid moments of cynicism and exhaustion, but don't let them carry the day. Unless you think there were some "very fine people" in that tiki torch crowd. You are free to give up.


August all the way down

Hey, hi, so things are going...you know. Just as a heads up, I'm donating all of Wick Habit's profits to the Southern Poverty Law Center this week, as I am at a loss as to what else to do right now, other than to say: fellow well-meaning white people, we gotta do better. So if you want your money to go that direction but also want some candles, I'm your gal.

Also, this is...[exhales slowly].

Anyway, Dan is out of town this week, which sometimes causes standards to be lowered a bit, but I promise we are making very responsible purchases.

And even more responsible nutritional decisions.


Two topics that aren't nuclear winter

I am genuinely grateful to this Real Simple Magazine cookbook for just...pointing out that I can put various combinations of things on top of oatmeal. [remembers how much I love oatmeal] [renews helpful cookbook from the library]

Bananas, pecans, molasses

Yogurt and marmalade

Also for having a bunch of recipes with like five ingredients that have almost no prep time. Did they taste good? I don't even care.

Spaghetti with Ricotta and Tomatoes

Curried Broccoli Couscous

Anyway, if you have any questions at all about Warrior Cats, Anna is more than happy to help you.

Careful you don't half-ass your interest, though.


Can you tell there was a break in the weather

I'd like to start off by saying that on Sunday night I ate an entire cheese board by myself. I mean...am I proud of that fact?

Yes, why else would I mention it

I also got the girls to assemble cookies for me. If you've ever considered having children, I highly recommend you start with the 5-8 year models.

They run so much quieter than the newer versions

I'm trying out a library cookbook this week, Real Simple's Dinner Made Simple. I really like the layout. It's, uh, simple. For some reason I started off with oatmeal with cheddar, scallions, and paprika.

You are either intrigued or you have already x'd out of this browser window, sorry, have a good week guys

Conclusion: I am PRO savory oatmeal. Put it on the record!

I also made the spinach salad with eggs, bacon, and avocado, which is almost exactly the same as a meal that we had last week at my parents' house. Through some sort of grandparental magic, both of my children have now accepted spinach salad as a reasonable, non-horrifying thing to eat.


Anyway, if these dog days have got you down, I recommend throwing a water balloon at your sister, it does wonder for one's mood.



We stayed on vacation all week. There were sno cones and more cobbler and some rainy day modern dance moves.



So, look, this was the situation in Austin.

I love you so much Austin why do you hurt me like this

And, as it does every year, it broke me. But instead of crawling under my bed to live with the dust bunnies and the wrapping paper as usual, I got in the car and drove north.

Yes please

Allllllllll the way to north central Texas, where my parents generously take in overheated travelers. It was a good decision. There are migas here!

And peach cobbler.

And chocolate chip muffins.

And plenty of wide open spaces for wary bike-riders.

We will stay here until we have fully recovered the strength to face August.


The swamp will not defeat her

Guys, I am very tired because I stayed up to follow the Senate vote on Twitter last night, but it was worth it because that plot line has been completely bonkers this season. I'm hoping the sweet sweet blessing of Mitch McConnell's disappointment will sustain me through the, let me check....mmm yes highs of 105 and 106 the next two days. COOL ME WITH YOUR SPECTACULAR FAILURE, EVIL TURTLE. SOOTHE MY BURNING FLESH WITH YOUR SCOWL.

Ahem. I have basically entrusted Smitten Kitchen with all summer weeknight meals at this point and it's going very well for me. Lesson: the only thing I ever actually want to eat when it's hot is starch + cheese + vegetable.

Broccoli rubble farro salad with a poached egg

Summer squash pizza

Current mood: somewhere between these two.


Could just switch to an all-screenshot format

Current mood: predicted highs of 103-105 this week; nightmares involving an evil and tenacious turtle and an equally evil and tenacious elf; Winds of Winter will literally never be published; can't look anywhere without seeing either Jared Kushner or TJ Miller's dumb smirking faces and no thank you to both. It's officially summer!

If you're curious about how up I am on #fresh #content for this space, I opened my photos this morning and thought "oh sweet we did something interesting and I managed to take pictures of it" for a split second before realizing those were screenshots from a preview The Bachelorette.

Pretend we went to Spain

So I guess my point is that I'm not sure why I'm here wasting your time when we all need as many screaming-helplessly-into-the-void minutes as possible right now, but here is a recipe for skillet pasta that involves setting your oven to 500 degrees because who cares anymore anyway.

Some men just want to watch the cheese brown

Kinds seems like I should decrease my posting schedule to once a week. Or year?


Keep Calm etc. etc.

This week's food theme flowed directly from last week's television consumption, a strategy I might consider sticking with for the rest of the summer/my life, we'll see how it goes. Anna and I started watching The Supersizers Go, a ten-year-old BBC show featuring Sue from The Great British Bake Off and a restaurant critic named Giles dressing and eating from different periods of British history for a week at a time. It's tremendous, and I highly recommend it (you can stream it on Hulu or YouTube).

Oh, I can see where you might think, at this point, that the meal plan was based on different periods of British history, but that's not...no. Sorry.

So we were watching the "Wartime" episode first, all about rations and Captain Carrot and Potato Pete and The National Loaf and it was very edifying and packed with nutrition and yay. On to the next episode! The Restoration! 1660! Oh wow that's a...skinned cow head there. Hmm. And are they peeling a tongue? Yep yep. So Anna made it about 45 seconds into the overview of the Restoration episode before we decided on this week's meal plan, which is: Vegetables.

Tacos with Summer Squash, Tomatoes and Beans

One-Pan Farro with Tomatoes

Broccoli Pizza

All successful, and now we are well-fueled for our various home-improvement projects.