Living my best podcast-oriented life

It's been a while since we had a Super Social Food League of Austin post, so I figured we should come back strong with some very very very good fried chicken from The Peached Tortilla. I think they only serve this on Wednesdays, so if you are in Austin you should make a note of it. If you aren't in Austin, you should come to Austin. On a Wednesday.

Regan and I also enhanced this month's #SSFLA with a side of #SSDGM.

This is all part of my live podcast taping SPRING SPREE, which began with Doug Loves Movies last month and concludes with an Adventure Zone/MBMBaM weekend in May. I don't think I've ever included My Favorite Murder in my podcast recommendations, probably because 1) they don't need my help, it is crazy popular; 2) true crime isn't for everyone; 3) true crime with spotty research and a lot of inaccuracies is for even fewer people; 4) I don't really like to advertise what a ghoul I am, generally. REGARDLESS, we went, we had fun, we stayed sexy and did not get murdered.

Obviously we were not getting through this post-Easter week without some Curried Egg Salad


I tried that internet thing where you put a square on the floor and your cats get in it except my cats were like "nah we're good." But it wasn't a total failure.


It is the most be-hatted of holidays

Yesterday I learned that if you slice cabbage thinly enough, by which I mean purchase very thinly sliced cabbage, you can mix it undetected amongst rice noodles and your children will be none the wiser.

To clarify: they will still whine about the noodles, but not about cabbage specifically 

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. We had, as always, varying levels of enthusiasm for the proceedings.

High marks from all parties for "hats," though.

Or at least for plates of macaroni and cheese and jelly beans.

We are Easter dinner traditionalists 

Lotta good feline feedback on my decorations, too.


The ponytails are what make it *go*

This recipe for Caprese Avocado Breakfast Toast is less a "recipe" and more an "advertisement for cheese," but what can I say? I'm buying what she's selling.

I'm surprised "selling cheese to an Erica" isn't already a sales idiom of some type

The girls are off school today and we have a lot of very busy very important plans such as going to see the Lego Batman Movie at the discount theater, so I'd better go attend to all that. Have a good Good Friday. Go see a 3D movie for $2. Color a rainbow cupcake.

Add the ponytails back on to the handles of the bike your sister passed down to you.


Anna faces some hard truths

We're having a drizzly, overcast week here, which is great for me, as I am a reverse-Superman who is weakened and enervated by Earth's yellow sun and find cloudy days very animating. Yesterday, for example, I had the energy to do the chopping and mixing and simmering required to produce some Vegetable Chili, and leftover energy to face arguing with my children about it.

And that's saying something.

If I am being 100% honest this entire series actually documents her confronting the surprising fact that she *likes* the chili.

Anna's school had it's annual Spring Fest fundraiser this weekend. We had some trouble deciding on which activities to pursue.

Eventually we worked it out. We sampled some cuisine.

Took in a musical performance.

Questioned an obstacle course.

Not sure what Ivy was up to, but I'm sure she managed to entertain herself.


Finally bringing some panicked intensity to relaxation

First, food. I swear I am not sponsored by Trader Joe's but this is what I have been eating for lunch lately and I advise you to do similarly:

H/t the person in one of my FB groups who recommended this seasoning blend, thank you person!

I also ribboned some omelet because Deb at Smitten Kitchen told me to, thank you Deb!

Eggs: is there anything they can't do?

SPEAKING OF EGGS NOT DOING THINGS: when were you guys going to tell me about Gudetama? Do you know how behind on things I feel when I have to find out about a lazy/depressed egg yolk character from a Vox explainer? IT'S A LAZY/DEPRESSED EGG YOLK WITH A BUTT. YOU KNOW SUCH A THING WOULD BE IMPORTANT TO ME. So I guess the bad news is that I will be bringing litigation against Sanrio for using my likeness without permission. But the good news is: socks!

Gudetama also led me to Rilakkuma, whose moderately threatening description of forced relaxation appeals to me: "You will be dragged into Rilakkuma's world and become lazy and relaxed." Sign me up! Wrap me in breathable cloth and throw me over your shoulder, Rilakkuma!

I also finally looked into hygge, which is a word that I have seen a lot but have for some reason been avoiding because I guess I don't want Danish people rubbing their cozy sweaters in my face? But the fact that it's pronounced HOO-gah and always starts with "light a bunch of candles, constantly" has me coming around.

Anyway, that is your relaxation rundown for the week because the world is scary and decidedly un-hyggelig.

Also you may have noticed that I am slowly replacing pictures of children with pictures of cats who will not someday be teenagers with internet access.

One hopes 


An exception to a rule and a slight resistance to the passage of time

If you were to ask me if I like April Fools Day I would tell you of course I do not like April Fools Day, I am a sensitive adult human and the entire concept is clearly of the devil. Fooling people is mean and it makes them feel bad and not like you as much, if at all, going forward. I might even be provoked into a semi-hysterical diatribe about how we are living in a post-truth era as it is and how can lying be considered humorous, not that it was before anyway, etc.

But listen.

Come closer.

*whispers* I actually do really like the parts that are very silly and not mean-spirited. *no longer whispering* BRING ME ALL THE OBVIOUS JOKES.

This Tastemade video, for example (h/t Kate, thanks Kate) tickled me enough that I actually made the recipe in it.

I like it heavy on the Flavor Ashes, but that's personal preference.

So anyway, that's where I'm at vis-a-vis the beginning of April.

We also went to a seventh birthday party for a child who looked kind of like our friend Cash but can't be because Cash is a baby and so is Anna.

Vaguely familiar but way too tall

This is Cash and Anna.

Best of friends!

Doorknob-height, tops.

And don't even get me started on the other two.

Anyway, happy Tuesday, I know the day of fools has passed but it doesn't hurt to keep an eye out.


Just a picture of a pizza

I'll be straight with you, this picture I took of the Broccoli Pizza I made yesterday is so nice that I feel like I can really slack off in the putting-words-together department today. Like, if you came here for sentences and stuff, eh, maybe just take an extra minute with the pizza picture.

If you trace the outlines of the crust with your eyes enough times it becomes meditative at some point

Anyway, the pizza was so universally accepted by my family that I don't even have any funny pictures of concerned expressions or dinner-avoiding hijinks. They just sat at the table. And ate it. Like civilized humans. Even Dan!

Is my moderate-to-severe half-assing of this post due to the fact that Maximum Fun is set to double its original pledge goal today and I have so many rocket candles to make I cannot focus for very long on other tasks and also I see rocket candles when I close my eyes? Maybe, okay? Maybe! Get off my back!

Sorry, sorry, I know you weren't judging my time-management skills. The cats, though. They see right through me.


I guess I'm not *that* surprised that she is British

Good news, I did not have to cook this weekend at all because Regan made one hundred eighty pounds of crawfish, not counting the potatoes.

I mean, technically I do not really like crawfish, too many...eyeballs, but I do like massive amounts of seasoning.

And Zapps.

And cake.

And cotton candy machines.

Relatedly, in discussing the cuisine of New Orleans, the following extremely shocking exchange occurred between myself and my eldest child who, I will remind you, has been on this earth for nigh on eight years now:

Me: Oh! Do you know what you would love there? The biscuits. Sooooo buttery.
Anna: I don't know what that is. Like cookies?

Hahahahahahaha whoops, my bad I guess! I knew that I had 1) failed her unforgivably and also 2) must rectify the situation as quickly as possible. This seemed like a good recipe to go from. Or, you know. Whatever.



Anyway, have a good Tuesday everyone. Maybe take a few minutes to FaceTime with someone you love, no matter how far away.



She had so much smizing left to do

Hey guys, quick Eating Green pro-tip and all-around great news: you can just add cilantro to a burrito and call it a day.

You're welcome!

I'm sort of hand-flappingly busy right now, but instead of skipping a blog post I will plug the project I am working on, which makes my brain feel like I am still working on it. Brains! So dumb. Anyway, I do a lot of podcast-recommending here, and by far my most listened-to podcast network is Maximum Fun. I would say I listen to a dozen Max Fun podcasts regularly and probably ten more occasionally and about 95% of my time on Facebook is spent inside the safety of MaxFun groups, so I think it's generally pretty great. Which is why I'm super duper honored to be making one of the donor gifts for the network's pledge drive this year: http://www.maximumfun.org/2017/03/13/maxfundrive-2017-gifts. YAY FOR PODCASTS, YAY FOR CANDLES, MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN anyway I have literally hundreds of rockets left to make so I'm going to go do that now. 

I will just leave you with this nice picture of Ivy school-picturing herself amongst the parking lot bluebonnets.

Haha, just kidding, I will leave you with the follow-up picture wherein she refuses to go inside to class because she needs at least two more hours to accomplish all of her photo shoot goals.