This weekend I am attending a blogging "non-conference" called The Blathering because my doppleblogger Erica suggested it and because it's in Austin so I have no good excuse not to and because way back in March when I signed up it seemed possible/likely that by now I would have grown an entirely new personality that was suited to this sort of social gathering instead of still being a crazy hermit lady. So, bad call on that last thing, but it's too late now.

Anyway, I've been desperately trying to familiarize myself with the other FIFTY attendees and their blogs, bar-exam-cram style. I made a spreadsheet. It won't help, but the activity is distracting enough that it keeps the anxiety to a low-level nausea instead of a full panic. Anyway, it seems possible that at least a couple of other Blatheringers are also checking out this blog, so I'm going to do a brief section just for them.

Hi, other Blatheringer! I'm Erica. If I have a weird expression on my face when we meet, it's because I'm terrified of you. And I might be attempting to employ some sort of mnemonic device to remember what I wrote about you on my creepy-stalker-spreadsheet. Also, I've noticed a lot of talk about pre-Blathering haircuts, and I feel like I need to justify the fact that my hair is currently in a disastrous growing-out stage because I need it to be ponytail-compliant by the time my second baby is born next month. It was really cute about four months ago, though.

I'm not going to do an accent vlog because I am lazy and self-conscious, and also because I have about 15 regular readers and 14 of them know me IRL so it would be sort of pointless. I'll just tell you that I have a mild Texas accent that increases with proximity to my hometown. (Current distance 180 miles, Twang Level moderate.) All you really need to know is that I use the word "y'all" without irony.

I'm currently saddled with both an almost-done baby AND gestational diabetes, so you won't get to see my true beer-and-queso-champ colors this year.

It should be obvious that I mostly write about food and my daughter Anna. Running themes: she likes to line things up; I have some issues with kale. I think that about covers it. See you guys Friday!


  1. I think you should have mentioned the poached egg thing if you brought up the kale.
    I went last year and didn't know anyone ... it was a little weird at first but then fun. Holly (from hollywouldifshecould)and I ate leftover cheese and watched LA Ink for like 3 hours on Saturday. It was a high point of my year.
    Also, I am jealous of your Anna lining things up. I'm always trying to sort things and line them up for my Anna and show her how fun! it is but she's kind of over it. She just causes entropy in any room she enters.

  2. Yay! I'm not the only who created a spreadsheet of the Blathering attendees! That makes me feel better (and a little less dorky). I too am terrified at meeting everyone but I haven't gotten a haircut or my eyebrows waxed because I just don't have the time. I can't wait to meet a fellow Austinite. See you Friday!

  3. This made me laugh. Always a good thing! Also, we're going to have a chart, with pictures and names, so all your studying will be put to good use. Although now I feel a little stressed that I should have made a spreadsheet.

  4. I had no idea who you were until I saw your name on the Blathering attendance list, and your blog is now one that makes me laugh every single time I read it. Can't wait to meet you!

  5. Oh my gosh - you guys have spreasdsheets! Why didn't I think of that?

    I am so, so excited to meet all of you. I think I am the only Canadian attending, so I imagine that will be my identifying characteristic.

    See you on Friday!

  6. A spreadsheet! See, I knew I wasn't crazy for wanting to do one.

    Mine has notes on it with pictures of the blogs, because I might not remember a blogger's name, or the name of their blog, but I will probably remember the fact that they called a cancer scare their "janky boob"