Some foods demand the ALLCAPS treatment

Hey, listen you guys, I know you've been on the edge of your seats waiting for this week's kale, and your wait is over. Thanks for your patience. I decided to buck tradition and make the least-appealing meal of the week right there on Wednesday night, just to bring a little healthy unhappiness to mid-week. When I saw the extremely depressing words "fish and kale" on the list, I figured that was definitely the one. Who plans these menus?

What a jerk.
Then, to make up for it, on Thursday night we had the opposite of kale: MINIATURE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES. Okay, technically it was vegetarian split pea soup with grilled cheese croutons, but we all know the soup was just there to keep the adorable MINIATURE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES from sliding around all over the place.

The tragedy of this is realizing how much soup I've had without MINIATURE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES in it.
For the record, I had filed this link in my "Light Recipes" folder. There is an element of truthiness to my "Light Recipes" folder. Anyway, these things are so amazing they actually de-scowleled Anna (temporarily).

Our Meetup at Terra Burger this morning was pretty fun, but it was a little bit crowded.

(With crickets making sad chirping noises.)
At least, as you can see above, she fully took advantage of the completely empty playground. She did eventually wander over and mess with the water that had collected at the bottom of the slides. For a while she kept trying to lean over and lick it up, like a cat.

I had offered her water out of a cup 43 times by that point.
Actually, someone else showed up right as we were leaving, so I guess we were just too early, like nerds. It was sort of weird timing, where I had already put Anna in her car seat when they pulled up, but I didn't want to just drive away like I didn't see them, so I stood there awkwardly until the other mom got out of the car and was all "OH HI, WE WERE JUST LEAVING BUT I WANTED TO WAVE AT YOU" and she was like "Okay...thanks for the information." And then I think she said "nerd" under her breath.


  1. Seriously with the Kale. I can't even handle it. I think your blog should be called Unemployed Kale Mom from now on. Well, I'm sure you can think of a more funny name that incorporates kale because you are way more hilarious than I am. I started cracking up right away when I saw that dish because I just KNEW it was kale! I don't know why this is such a thing to me. But just be glad to know that you are making my pathetic hours at work much better.

  2. Haha, you're so supportive of my kale adventures! I swear I'm doing it just for you now. I even managed to get a frozen pizza that had kale on it without meaning to and I didn't post about it because *it was just too stupid.*