I'm halfway done with Christmas and you're not

Clearly I'm taking a bit of a Winter Break from blogging, but I just stopped in to give you an update on Christmas Part One.

Dan got me Wii Fit! And a dress that's too small. He's not a jerk or anything, one was specifically requested and one was unintentional. I'll let you sort that out.

So, so sore today.
My parents decided to go fancyawesome for our Christmas breakfast, with bubbles and yeast waffles. And bacon, for those of you who don't know my parents and therefore aren't aware that it goes without saying.

Good morning!

I think the light shimmering off of the butter means that the angels approve.

Anna took in "Christmas" morning with her world-famous consternation.

Also, bird feet.
She was pretty excited about her new hat.

She even styled it herself.
Classic and delicious roast beast for lunch.

My love of roast, mashed potatoes, and mushy mushy green beans is one of my most Southern qualities.

Followed by a trifle in the style of Black Forest Cake.

It's the dessert of kings who really like whipped cream.

We are now back home for a couple of days, and easing back into our normal schedule of cat-torment.

Listen, if he wanted to move, he could move.


  1. What a nice cat fur covered bubble wand rest we have!

  2. Merry Christmas, and thanks for the post, I have been in withdrawals of baby and food pictures.

  3. Hooray a post! Champagne makes any morning better...especially when it's combined with carbs and bacon.