I ate a lot of butter and red meat and then a stranger made me weigh myself for no reason

Since Dan is off work this week, it's still totally Winter Break Blog Vacation Slack Time, but here's a little glimpse at the recently-completed Christmas Number Two.

I've been super busy! I made about 30,000 of these, for one thing.

That translates to 586,920,705 calories.
I made bacon jam as well, but I didn't take a picture of it because it just looks like cat food, which is kind of gross. I also used old baby food jars to deliver it, which made it gross AND weird. I bet now you're pretty upset if you didn't get some, I'm sorry.

I made a cheese soufflé without professional assistance and it rose and tasted like cheese and was a big win.

Technically it was about 3/4 soufflé and 1/4 soup, but it all tasted like cheese so I'm still calling it a success.
Anna spent her second Christmas of the week vacillating between commandeering the dog toys and snatching all the bows off of presents.

"This one fell off and I was just...putting it back on."
She also spent a little bit of time receiving a computer tutorial from cousin Levi.

"Which button is the loudest?"
There was bacon in or near almost everything we ate on Christmas day. Here, it seems pretty obvious, but what you're not seeing is that the French toast was also cooked in bacon grease.

Don't worry, the yogurt over there on the side is "Light and Fit."
Here it's in the potatoes, attempting to upstage the prime rib.

Mmmmmm meat and taters I will miss you so much when I start eating normal food again.

Dan and I took advantage of the free babysitting the next day and had a nice lunch at the Dodging Duck Brewhaus. Dan had a pile of sausage and cheese, and I had a beef-and-potatoes-guilt-induced veggie sandwich with veggies on the side.


By dinner I had sufficiently recovered from my guilt to eat a giant plate of leftover mashed potatoes and tamales. Smothered in queso.
We eventually made Anna work off her bow-thievery.

She'll be done in 2-3 years, but I'm not counting on good behavior.
We also had our first taste of having to actually assemble Christmas presents as parents.

This baby doll stroller is significantly fancier and more complicated than the stroller we actually push her around in.

Finally, Foodimentary told me that today is National "Get on the Scales Day," although now that I look for some sort of confirmation of that it seems to be something he just made up to make me feel bad about myself. Anyway, I did it, and I was appropriately horrified, in an unsurprised sort of way. But you know what tomorrow is? Our first round of renewed CSA vegetables! Know what I forgot about when I got all uppity about my ability to handle any amount of kale that comes my way? Beets. Dammit.

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