Lighter than air! Plus an extra cup of cheese. So...the same as air, I guess.

Okay, I have taken a bit of grief regarding my being too lazy to type out the words "Last night's dinner" every time I want to show you...last night's dinner. Which is daily. I looked into it, and there is already a blog called Last Night's Dinner that I am now following. Her food photography is far superior, but she almost never says funny things about my daughter, so, your call.

Anyway, (voting is now open for a better transitional phrase): Souffle class at Central Market. Cheese and mushroom souffles with grilled chicken and pork tenderloin. They split us up into teams for the souffle construction, and considering that our team was composed of a (purported) English major, science teacher, descendent of bakers, and know-it-all pushy-pants, we were amazingly inept at reading and following instructions. Remarkably, even. We doubled the amount of cheese called for in the the cheese souffle (confession: this may have simply been an instinct of mine) and messed up our mixtures of almond meal and sugar for the almond raspberry souffle.

We named him Fred.

It was all still really, really lovely. I used to be skeptical anytime I perused a souffle recipe, assuming that the French were being unnecessarily complicated, but then I tasted that...pillow...made of cheese....

(Takes a moment.)

Yes, back. Sorry. The souffle class also delivered the food epiphany I was looking for with mayonnaise the other day, but in an unexpected form: mushrooms can actually be the base of a really delicious construction. I finished my mushroom souffle. And I liked it. DO YOU HEAR THAT, WORLD? I LIKED MUSHROOMS ONE TIME. So if you're interested feeding me fungus in the future, I suggest the souffle as the ideal vehicle.

As far as Anna goes today, I've recently realized that by having a baby/toddler you are essentially saying, "I would like it if my house constantly looked like a very bizarre crime scene."

Something...strange happened here.


  1. Are you moonlighting with CSI again? I told you not to stretch yourself too far. You're only human!

  2. Anna! In the bedroom! With the Pepperidge Farm cookie!

    At last, Honker, you will have justice.