Finally bringing some panicked intensity to relaxation

First, food. I swear I am not sponsored by Trader Joe's but this is what I have been eating for lunch lately and I advise you to do similarly:

H/t the person in one of my FB groups who recommended this seasoning blend, thank you person!

I also ribboned some omelet because Deb at Smitten Kitchen told me to, thank you Deb!

Eggs: is there anything they can't do?

SPEAKING OF EGGS NOT DOING THINGS: when were you guys going to tell me about Gudetama? Do you know how behind on things I feel when I have to find out about a lazy/depressed egg yolk character from a Vox explainer? IT'S A LAZY/DEPRESSED EGG YOLK WITH A BUTT. YOU KNOW SUCH A THING WOULD BE IMPORTANT TO ME. So I guess the bad news is that I will be bringing litigation against Sanrio for using my likeness without permission. But the good news is: socks!

Gudetama also led me to Rilakkuma, whose moderately threatening description of forced relaxation appeals to me: "You will be dragged into Rilakkuma's world and become lazy and relaxed." Sign me up! Wrap me in breathable cloth and throw me over your shoulder, Rilakkuma!

I also finally looked into hygge, which is a word that I have seen a lot but have for some reason been avoiding because I guess I don't want Danish people rubbing their cozy sweaters in my face? But the fact that it's pronounced HOO-gah and always starts with "light a bunch of candles, constantly" has me coming around.

Anyway, that is your relaxation rundown for the week because the world is scary and decidedly un-hyggelig.

Also you may have noticed that I am slowly replacing pictures of children with pictures of cats who will not someday be teenagers with internet access.

One hopes