I feel like I gave it the fairest of shots, really

It's been a while since I brought home a cookbook from the library, so of course I chose one that I immediately wanted to argue with.

Oh, "everyone" will love them? WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT, COOKBOOK

I then proceeded to change most of the ingredients in the recipe I picked.

Don't "fat free half and half" me, mister

So what I made was something sort of akin to Spaghetti and Meatballs with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, but presumably much worse for our hearts.


Did everyone love it?

Polite smile

Unbridled enthusiasm for the noodle side of the plate

Ambivalence for the meatball side of the plate

General-purpose dab

 I hope you have a happy Friday and a chance to watch cats watching squirrels.