Living my best podcast-oriented life

It's been a while since we had a Super Social Food League of Austin post, so I figured we should come back strong with some very very very good fried chicken from The Peached Tortilla. I think they only serve this on Wednesdays, so if you are in Austin you should make a note of it. If you aren't in Austin, you should come to Austin. On a Wednesday.

Regan and I also enhanced this month's #SSFLA with a side of #SSDGM.

This is all part of my live podcast taping SPRING SPREE, which began with Doug Loves Movies last month and concludes with an Adventure Zone/MBMBaM weekend in May. I don't think I've ever included My Favorite Murder in my podcast recommendations, probably because 1) they don't need my help, it is crazy popular; 2) true crime isn't for everyone; 3) true crime with spotty research and a lot of inaccuracies is for even fewer people; 4) I don't really like to advertise what a ghoul I am, generally. REGARDLESS, we went, we had fun, we stayed sexy and did not get murdered.

Obviously we were not getting through this post-Easter week without some Curried Egg Salad


I tried that internet thing where you put a square on the floor and your cats get in it except my cats were like "nah we're good." But it wasn't a total failure.