An exception to a rule and a slight resistance to the passage of time

If you were to ask me if I like April Fools Day I would tell you of course I do not like April Fools Day, I am a sensitive adult human and the entire concept is clearly of the devil. Fooling people is mean and it makes them feel bad and not like you as much, if at all, going forward. I might even be provoked into a semi-hysterical diatribe about how we are living in a post-truth era as it is and how can lying be considered humorous, not that it was before anyway, etc.

But listen.

Come closer.

*whispers* I actually do really like the parts that are very silly and not mean-spirited. *no longer whispering* BRING ME ALL THE OBVIOUS JOKES.

This Tastemade video, for example (h/t Kate, thanks Kate) tickled me enough that I actually made the recipe in it.

I like it heavy on the Flavor Ashes, but that's personal preference.

So anyway, that's where I'm at vis-a-vis the beginning of April.

We also went to a seventh birthday party for a child who looked kind of like our friend Cash but can't be because Cash is a baby and so is Anna.

Vaguely familiar but way too tall

This is Cash and Anna.

Best of friends!

Doorknob-height, tops.

And don't even get me started on the other two.

Anyway, happy Tuesday, I know the day of fools has passed but it doesn't hurt to keep an eye out.