Just a picture of a pizza

I'll be straight with you, this picture I took of the Broccoli Pizza I made yesterday is so nice that I feel like I can really slack off in the putting-words-together department today. Like, if you came here for sentences and stuff, eh, maybe just take an extra minute with the pizza picture.

If you trace the outlines of the crust with your eyes enough times it becomes meditative at some point

Anyway, the pizza was so universally accepted by my family that I don't even have any funny pictures of concerned expressions or dinner-avoiding hijinks. They just sat at the table. And ate it. Like civilized humans. Even Dan!

Is my moderate-to-severe half-assing of this post due to the fact that Maximum Fun is set to double its original pledge goal today and I have so many rocket candles to make I cannot focus for very long on other tasks and also I see rocket candles when I close my eyes? Maybe, okay? Maybe! Get off my back!

Sorry, sorry, I know you weren't judging my time-management skills. The cats, though. They see right through me.