Esoteric self-medicating

Oh, did you think I was done discussing British cooking and castle shows? Then you have grossly underestimated my current appetite for escapism/pastry. Exhibit 1: I actually made eclairs. BEHOLD:

They took quite a while to put together, so BEHOLD AGAIN FROM ANOTHER ANGLE:

I know these are too sloppy to constitute a competitive showstopper per Mary and Paul, but somehow we are managing to choke them down anyway.

I also made some Vegetable Tempura because I was in the mood to be healthy but not actually healthy and "fried plants" always hits the spot for me.

There was once nutrition here but I believe I sizzled most of it away

Exhibit 2: Watching a show about British castles has led me on my most extensive Wikipedia-dive in recent memory, with my maniacal drive to know everything about pre-Norman English monarchs increasing with each episode. The further away from present-day the better! Bring me all your Ælfweards! Tell me about Sigrid the Haughty, who may or may not have been a real person! Help me put a name to that problem I have with my lower back sometimes! Seriously, I have been rolling around in this list like a pig in mud for a couple of days now. You should join me. The narrative arc of Æthelred the Unready alone is worth the price of admission. Bonus points if you can spot the monarch who died "apparently from eating a surfeit of lampreys."