Someone should follow up on that cat, just in case

In March, we eat green things.

Avocado Egg Salad

Pea Soup with Broccoli and Salmon. Note that I am not sure whether I have linked you to the original Italian or the English translation, such is the level of professionalism you have come to expect in this space.

In the past few days I have limited myself to one cup of coffee and avoided Twitter, and I am happy to report that my anxiety level has decreased from "about to tear off my own skin" to "general unease." (Side note: one of the distract-y podcasts I've been listening to is The Unexplained, and at some point they try to play up the hauntedness of a certain spot by describing the overwhelming but vague sense of worry that people felt in that location and I was like wait what how can you tell does everyone not feel like that all the time? In conclusion, I suspect my ghost-hunting would return a lot of false positives.)

I have also been reading through the tumblr "Wrong shade, one star," which I very highly recommend if you have ever read makeup reviews on the internet.

This is the only political link I will share today because it is pretty funny, if you don't give it too much thought, that the House Minority Whip has been driven to converse with a bust of Abraham Lincoln out of frustration. Things are at full Veep-level on the Hill.

Finally, this is somewhat comforting, via NPR.

I outsourced my picture-taking to Ivy this week, and I have to say, I might just let her keep the job.