A week of near-comatose relaxation

Hmm, so, it's possible that I have taken it slightly *too* easy this spring break, judging by the fact that this is the most exciting thing I have to show you today.

I have not made any more inexcusably unattractive baked goods, but we did go full vacation-mode to procure some street tacos.

It had been a while since we'd eaten outside, but we bravely banded together.

Then I truly tested the children by taking them to get dessert that looks like cat food.

Just seeing the picture again makes me crave it so much

Followed by the most low-key five hours ever spent at a public playground.

Five stars for Play For All Abilities Park, many places to sit, would sit again

And that's honestly all we've been up to, aside from tweaking our new look for when we go back to school on Monday.