My rating system is very finely honed

First of all WHY DO YOU GUYS ALWAYS FORGET TO REMIND ME THAT PI DAY IS COMING DADGUMMIT. Second, happy Pi Day! I guess I need to go to the store.

It's Spring Break here and we are having a staycation.

This is literally how my children emerged from their bedrooms on Day Two of said staycation, so it's going fine.

I had another go at baking, but this Orange Cake was much less visually successful than the eclairs. I tried to cover the ugliness with ganache, which seized, and actually enhanced the ugliness.

Don't eat that, Mary. That's a bad bake.

My staycation meal strategy is to repurpose this blog into a Trader Joe's convenience foods review site for the week.

Thumbs up

Thumbs up

Thumbs up

Also, Dan snuck in with some pancakes this morning.