I guess I'm not *that* surprised that she is British

Good news, I did not have to cook this weekend at all because Regan made one hundred eighty pounds of crawfish, not counting the potatoes.

I mean, technically I do not really like crawfish, too many...eyeballs, but I do like massive amounts of seasoning.

And Zapps.

And cake.

And cotton candy machines.

Relatedly, in discussing the cuisine of New Orleans, the following extremely shocking exchange occurred between myself and my eldest child who, I will remind you, has been on this earth for nigh on eight years now:

Me: Oh! Do you know what you would love there? The biscuits. Sooooo buttery.
Anna: I don't know what that is. Like cookies?

Hahahahahahaha whoops, my bad I guess! I knew that I had 1) failed her unforgivably and also 2) must rectify the situation as quickly as possible. This seemed like a good recipe to go from. Or, you know. Whatever.



Anyway, have a good Tuesday everyone. Maybe take a few minutes to FaceTime with someone you love, no matter how far away.