Sick Day

I've been sick since Friday, like actually sick with a measurable fever and such, so the only thing I have accomplished is binging an entire season of The Great British Bake Off. The result of this is that I now have several tabs open with recipes for highly unlikely things such as eclairs and tortes that only a feverish person would think seem like reasonable projects. My reawakened Anglophilia has also pushed me into a season of Secrets of Great British Castles, I don't know, it's weird, it's almost like I don't want to spend any time at all thinking about my current time and place.

Because I did not take any pictures of myself lying on a couch for four days, I have instead compiled a list of what we were doing on previous March 7ths, that's right suckers, this is a clip show.

2016: Soup

2015: Oral hygiene

2014: Construction

2013: Yard work

2012: Travel

2011: Party and (not pictured) Gestation

2010: Drool