Lessons from The Blathering

Non-conference: attended!


1. I can survive an entire weekend around strangers without drinking or stress-eating.
  1. (a) With difficulty.
  1. (b) And awkwardness.

2. Easy access to migas and queso is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. I know most of my readers are Austinites, so I really want you to think about this before you go to sleep tonight.

3. I'm a little nervous that years from now when I look back at this I will only remember not being able to eat a cupcake.
   3. (a) Or seven cupcakes.

I regret that I didn't get to know you guys better.
4. Meeting your husband online? Not that weird!

5. My blog is super ugly. I mean, no one said that to me, I figured it out on my own after looking at so many blogs that are not super ugly. There's a chance I'll actually do something about this at some point.
  5. (a) Not a great chance.

6. Raspberry + mint leaf + cute straw = bottled water that is slightly less sad.

Slightly. Okay, I don't know, maybe it's even worse.
7. Apparently an enormous round belly can elevate your Target/Old Navy sale-rack wardrobe and make it seem very cute. Most effective/pain-in-the-ass accessory EVER.

8. I seem to think that being early to things will somehow earn me extra credit.
  8. (a) It totally does!
  8. (b) In the form of standing around nervously.

9. My comfort zone is tiny. Being outside of it is stressful.
  9. (a) I want to go back next year.


  1. We have an ugly blog, too! I've been meaning to do something about it since my littlest was born ... nearly two years ago. Someday ...

  2. I am so happy that you came to the Blathering because I discovered your blog and it cracks me up. Thank you for coming!

  3. I don't think your blog is ugly. I like blogs that are all clean.

    I'm glad you came and I got to meet you!

  4. I was also very excited to put raspberries and mint leaves in my non-booze drinks. It made me feel fancy! Glad to have met you & found your blog.

  5. So glad to meet you this weekend! Good luck with the impending birth! Will be watching.

  6. You are awesome. Thanks for shuttling us around and yes - praise the MIGAS!

  7. Erica, you were lovely and adorable and so gracious to offer us so much help. I hope hope hope you come next year. Tequila shot on me ;)

  8. Lovely to meet you! Migas for President!

  9. Your blog isn't ugly! I understand the feeling though, I keep seeing everyone with these excellent blog designs and thinking, "UGH, I need to redo my blog." But chances of that actually happening are slim to none.

  10. Again, just confirmation that I will do whatever it takes to be there! And yes, pregnant bellies make everything cuter! The only thing I miss about being pregnant, is my tummy. It's still round, but without the baby it's not so cute.