A series of tiny rebellions

If it seems like I've been making far too much food for two adults and one strictly cracker-subsisting toddler lately, it's because nesting has kicked in pretty hard and I'm cramming my freezer with 1/2 casseroles. Also, stop monitoring my food intake, creepster! Can't a girl who weirdly insists on displaying all of her meals for the public get some privacy? Anyway. Tomato broccoli pasta casserole.

Anna ate some of this! With a fork! I'll probably make a note in her baby book. Haha, no, I've never done that for anything.
You know how I keep making gazpacho and keep being surprised that it's just a way to eat salsa for dinner? Well, I managed to find a black-eyed pea soup that is the eating-bean-dip-for-dinner equivalent of that.

I don't have very much to say about this salmon in mustard sauce because that sinister green mound of pickled greens in the background dominated the plate to such an extent that I can STILL smell vinegar wafting off of the photo. Where did this abomination come from?? Ooooooh, one of my "productive" days. Must make an effort to limit those.

Anyway, pickled greens are clearly meant to be an accent piece, not a terrifying, tear-inducing pile.
Anna's two-year-old stubbornness has been taking a lot of strange and subtle forms lately.

Staunch (and surprisingly aggressive) refusal to put head on pillow:

Joke's on her, she can sleep upside down in the broom closet for all I care.
Going wide with the yogurt spoon, purposefully and repeatedly:

Actual quote: "Yogurt in hair. Need wash it. WHY YOU DO DAT?"
Moving the parade of sea life magnets so that they are upside down and on the floor.

Like some sort of land-worshiping cult.
Also, for most of the time I've been writing this, she has been beating on her own head with a maraca. I hear that three is the "tough" age, so I assume she's just ramping up slowly. Stay tuned for true bizarreness in nine months!


  1. Our Anna doesn't even have a pillow yet. Or a sheet set. But then again she sleeps in our bed so I guess that's moot. Those pickled veggies look pretty scary. Whoa.

  2. Love those recipes.

    And that picture is precious. What is up with the yogurt in hair? My girls always end up with yogurt in the hair.

  3. I actually really loved 3. Brighter times ahead ...