Snow. Failure. Cabbage. Beets.

If your Facebook feed is remotely similar to mine, you have already seen approximately 539 pictures of small children playing in one inch of snow. If not, here you go!

Yes, those are socks on her hands. It was 80 degrees a week ago,  I'm doing my best.
The last time it snowed, I made pizza dough. I wanted to do something warm and indoorsy again, so I finally tackled my pile of never-before-used canning equipment. Also, if outdoorsy can be a word, so can indoorsy, spellcheck.

I'm already doing five things incorrectly here.
Despite nervously studying my books for a full week beforehand, I did it pretty much completely wrong. Fortunately, I anticipated the high likelihood of such a scenario and only sacrificed one bunch of CSA turnips to the project.

I probably won't eat these, but I will leave them in the pantry for a while because they make it look very accomplished.
Incidentally, this is what Anna looked like the last time it snowed:

Before the angst set in.
Stuffed cabbage is considered comfort food, right? Is anyone from a region where this is the case? I'd never tried it before, but as I am now in a constant state of needing to use up cabbage, I figured I would give it a whirl. This one seemed promising due to my already having most of the stuffing ingredients in the pantry: stuffed cabbage with quinoa and roasted sweet potato.

What's that on the side, you ask? It's more cabbage. Such is the grotesque amount of cabbage we have to consume around here on a bi-weekly basis.
It was good, but very very sweet. I guess if you look at the list of ingredients, it's obvious how sweet it's going to be, but it still surprised me. I would probably make it again in a de-sweetened form.

Last night we had salad and bowls of ketchup. With whipped cream. THE COLD HAS FINALLY DRIVEN ME MAD.

Okay, roasted beet and butternut squash soup. With Greek yogurt. Still a bit mad, no?

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