What if I try to ventilate the house in my sleep??

Have you been missing me? Here, have some cabbage soup, it's good for you.

Oh, you want more color? How does a roasted beet sandwich sound? Disgusting? Fair enough.

It is homemade bread, though. Bumps it up to "semi-disgusting," right? Score.

Hey look, I got to ride a train!

It's actually been quite a while since someone made me feel totally inadequate regarding cute-toddler-related-projects, so check out this train made out of cake:

Then do some reminiscing with me.
It has also been a pretty long time since I updated the Minor Household Crises section of this blog! Earlier this afternoon we heard a bird chirping in what seems to be the very inside section of our kitchen vent. Since then, I absolutely swear I have heard eggs cracking open. Because of this, I immediately became overwhelmingly paranoid that I was going to accidentally press the vent button and eviscerate a nest full of baby birds. I was actually afraid to be within a foot of the microwave just in case my hand went rogue and pressed the button. Here is how I fixed it.

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  1. Nice bird saving technique. Or whatever is in there.