We should probably pay more attention to what she's watching on Netflix

I've definitely made use of the oven and stove over the past few days, but I have to admit there haven't been any hours-long maniacal heat-binges. I'm not sure whether this means that I'm regaining my strength and will to fight back against the demon sun or that I've sunk to an entirely new level of defeat wherein I slowly stop putting effort into anything until one day I just lie down on the sidewalk and become a giant piece of human jerky. So that'll be fun to keep an eye on! Let's examine the evidence.

Spinach baked eggs. Twenty-three minutes in the oven at 350; a decent amount of kitchen fire but definitely not a full commitment. The fact that I am serving a recipe classified as "brunch" for dinner with an egg as the centerpiece seems like a good sign of recovery.

Eggs for dinner indicate that I have not fully lost my lust for life.
Roasted red pepper potato soup. Points for using both the oven and the stove, but again it doesn't quite match the excess we've seen recently. I also strongly considered cooking it early enough in the that I could serve it cold, but was too lazy to make that happen, so I think those two impulses cancel out.

It may not offer any clear indication of my mental state, but this soup is delicious.

Vegetable lo mein. I really feel like stir fry is just full-on seasonally appropriate.

When I eat all the leftovers standing in front of the open refrigerator door we'll know that my rehabilitation is complete!
I thought we were seeing some rare nurturing from Anna as she fed Cheerios to her Elmo doll the other morning.

The aftermath, however, is on the unsettling side.

It's like the gluttony scene from Se7en.
Maybe I only noticed this because she had very recently used her kitchen stove to Fatal Attraction her sheep.

As long as the new baby isn't a stuffed animal, things will almost definitely be fine.


  1. That elmo pic is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

  2. That's too adorable! I've only seen my niece dance with hers, but feeding one is hilarious!

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