Braising in August, totally normal

I know you guys thought I was kidding about Croatian Victory Day, because I was kidding about that at the time. But I decided to actually celebrate it anyway, since I've never had Croatian food and it looked to involve a lot of braising, which fits in nicely with my current devotion to heat-worship. Also, I have no idea what people drink in Croatia, so I didn't feel too bereft in having to abstain. I decided to go with braised lamb over spaetzle and some red cabbage stew.

Tasted great and made the house very, very hot.
Celebrating Croatia was sort of a lot of effort, so yesterday I just made a bowl of Things From the Fridge. My specialty! Chicken, red pepper, spinach, chickpeas, pasta. And bacon, which makes most of the previous list unnecessary.

Minus ten points for short cooking time.
I also had some spare time and ingredients and an intense death wish sugar craving, so we made cookies. Don't worry, I had Anna test the flour for purity.

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