How long until she can use it to fetch me things from the store?

First some housekeeping: eagle-eyed reader "My Own Mother" pointed out that I neglected to observe and document very important holiday Belgian Independence Day this year. Yes. Thank you for noticing. I have many excuses for this lapse, including the fact that beer-centric celebrations are rather sad endeavors for me right now, I am pregnant and tired, I have been busy, I have been a little bit sick, and the sun was in my eyes. NEVERTHELESS, I feel that I have failed to respect the mission of this blog, which is to seek out obscure reasons for thematic food and drink and display pictures of my daughter looking surly. I promise that moving forward I will try to attend my duties more conscientiously. Looks like we have some Croatian Victory Day festivities to look forward to!

Anyway. Grandma and Grandpa Huff came up this weekend to give Anna her birthday present, a (mostly) big-girl tricycle.

Like her mother, Anna believes that instructions and proper assembly are overrated when you're ready to go.

I'm trying to make the helmet an "all waking hours" sort of thing. One part safety, five parts my own amusement.
On Sunday morning we went to the park so that Daddy and daughter could express their mutual distaste for nature.

"Well this is disappointing."
I also took a stab at healthy cooking because, hey, it's been a while. I don't think this Salmon with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes recipe really needs to exist, since it consists of "put both of those things in the oven," but there you go anyway.

Just heat it all up, seriously.
Then I suggest you follow my lead and hit UNDO on that nutritionally responsible misstep with some Lemon and Lime Icebox Pie.

Sweetened condensed milk will fix it.

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