The year of the sheep

Time for another birthday cake! I decided to go a different direction this year.

That direction is "normal and appropriate." Don't get used to it.
I also kept the food pretty simple, focusing on qualities such as "round" and "made of bread." Just trying to make my birthday girl not throw a screaming fit happy on her special day.

Pizza rolls !

Muffins! It is not an exaggeration to say that she ate three of these for every year of her life so far. I was very close to making a similar attempt.
She got some pretty sweet presents this year, too. Check out this play kitchen from her YaYa and PaPa.

"Practice making coffee," we commanded repeatedly.
She also got a pop-up play tent from the Loontjers, which she disappeared into pretty much immediately.

We haven't seen her since.


  1. Is that Shaun the Sheep? Regardless - it's super cute. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that tried to diffuse tantrums on her daughter's 2nd birthday.

  2. It is Shaun! That was her favorite for a while. It's not really her favorite anymore, but it's the easiest thing to render in frosting.