It's still a vacation if you don't relax at all, right?

This weekend was Anna's first trip to the beach! She spent a lot of time studiously ignoring the ocean.

To be fair, she did have a pretty spectacular view of the seaweed from here.

"I don't hear any waves, la la la la la la."
Eventually I think she noticed that enjoyment of the beach was somehow related to having a grip on a beer koozie. After that she sort of got into the spirit of things.

"Oh, sand and water. I get it."
She even seemed ready to pilot her wagon right out to sea.

It's sad to think of the many adventures we quashed by interceding here.
We didn't exactly "sleep much" or "enjoy any meals" or "avoid the emergency room," but it was only four adults up against two toddlers, so we were pretty well outnumbered. We'll definitely be going back, in 15 or 20 years.

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