Maybe we'll name her Rose*

Barbecued Lentil tacos seems like one of those things that sounds sort of hippie and weird but I actually like a lot, and yet...I did not like these. They were too sweet and too vinegary, and I LOVE vinegar, so who knows how that happened. I think maybe the balsamic vinegar we have sucks. My tortillas were good, though. Plus, making tortillas continues to fill me with an inappropriately high sense of accomplishment despite the fact that it is very easy to do.

Basically, making tortillas is the opposite of dealing with a two year old. I make a lot of tortillas.
Yesterday the ultrasound tech said, in essence, "I can't tell. But I'm guessing it's a girl." So, okay! We'll go with that, then. Here's the thing, though, guys--how am I ever going to come up with the resources to clothe a female child?

I personally purchased three of these outfits.
*As Baby Two's future aunt Kristy pointed out, one benefit of having girls is a higher likelihood that they will tolerate and/or embrace my obsession with musicals.

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