Next time I'll just bring a bowl of sugar and spoons

I had a book club meeting Saturday night, so I whipped up a "Revelatory" Caramel Cake. I dunno. It sort of seemed like a waste of the absurd amount of sugar it involved.

My only revelations were, "My candy thermometer is broken," and "Caramel cake is sort of dry and bland."
A much better use of sugar? The whole cup of hoisin sauce in these Pork Lettuce Wraps. They were fine indeed. Probably because the lettuce completely negates any deleterious effects of the sweet sauce.

Like if I had served the caramel cake on a bed of kale.
Last night I made this Poached Egg over Polenta with Olive-Herb Pesto. Usually I feel like I don't really "get" polenta, but I found that by scooping it up with what is basically a giant crouton, I started to make sense of things. Also, I had never tried putting a poached egg on top, which is clearly the first move I should have made. My bad!

I see where you're coming from now, polenta. We cool.
Anna didn't eat any of it, but she was much cheerier than usual in her refusal.

Maybe because she's reached some sort of zen state with her newest toy, an OCD-reinforcer abacus.

It's so orderly.
She's been exploring her maternal side as well, notably the field of discipline.

At least, that's what I assume is going on here.

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