Only humanely raised, grass-fed vegetables from now on just to be safe

I feel like this skirt steak with radishes in mustard sauce was pretty good when I ate it the other day, but I've read some Michael Pollan since then so now I'm sort of grossed out by this picture. People are just constantly trying to ruin food for me.

All I can see are the antibiotics. And the carrots in the background. They're really orange.
The piece I read didn't mention chickens, so I'm still cool with this Roasted Chicken Salad sandwich with baked potato chips. I know it seems like I've been making a lot of sandwiches for dinner lately, but I have a really good reason, and it is: laziness.

I've said it before, but CSA/Local Box items are super easy to use as long as they're potatoes.
I'd be tempted to say that Anna is just using Cash for his awesome hat...

But I really believe she enjoys having someone to share her active lifestyle with.

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