Four days without Daddy

For those of you who don't know, Dan is only a mild-mannered engineer by day. By night and the occasional very long weekend, he is actually the mild-mannered bass player in a band. This past weekend happened to be one of those rare (yet very long) band escapades, so it was time for some good Mommy-daughter bonding around here!

Day One: We have to leave a playgroup early due to excessive fussiness. Anna decides she would rather claw her own face off than take a nap.

Bold choice. You sort of have to respect it.
Despite healthy and economical leftovers in the fridge, I order pizza for dinner.

Also extra dipping sauce, one tub for each bloody ravine across Anna's face.
Day Two: From sunrise to sunset, we line things up.

I have leftover pizza for dinner (see above).

Day Three: There is near-constant whining regarding every activity I attempt.

We eat yogurt. With gusto.

I have leftover pizza for dinner (see above).

Day Four: Defenses are down. The pizza is gone. The theme to Dinosaur Train pounds in my head. Anna attempts her first sincere parking lot dash and responds to capture with inhuman howling.

She also reorganizes The Container Store.

Dan has predicted that they will return around 8 tonight, which means they will probably be here by midnight. I predict that I will eat ice cream for dinner.

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  1. Ugh - yours too with the whining? The whining is killing me. How are we going to combat it?