Ready to go on a "cleanse," where "cleanse" means "trying not to eat pizza for one calendar week"

Well, I hope everyone's Flag Day festivities went well--not too wild, right guys? It's pretty easy for those things to get out of control. Personally, I decided on an all-American meat and potatoes theme, making the extremely delicious Southwestern Pulled Brisket from Smitten Kitchen. Plus potatoes. Also, that was all a lie, I forgot it was Flag Day until the brisket had already been cooking for about 10 hours, but I'm not afraid to shoehorn things into a theme. Not afraid in the least.

You just have to trust me that there was a flag on the table. It was like a miniature Original Pancake House up in here.
Anna has been a little bit sick, and I'm still recovering from last weekend's bonding, so it's been pretty low-key around here for the most part. Yet I just couldn't shake the feeling that there was something...missing. Just a nagging sort of...yes. I know. I hadn't eaten enough pizza yet this week.

Pretty sure Baby Two is going to come out a little doughy.
I guess the problem wasn't lack of pizza per se. It was that the three previous nights of pizza had involved such appallingly traditional toppings, which is not something we generally abide around here. Ratatouille pizza set things right again. It also reminded me that it's ratatouille season. Mmmmmm tomato goo....

Last night was a triumph of refrigerator scraps: omelets with zucchini, red pepper, turkey, and goat cheese. Look how planned it looks. How intentional. Brilliant.

I love Scraps Night.
Anna seems to be taking Fashion Corner in a bold new direction, ditching "clothes" entirely in favor of a diaper and a cloth-bag-hat.

"It's the Summer of the Cloth-Bag-Hat," she insists.

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