It's about time we had some warm weather around here

Hey, it's the first day of summer! I know I speak for all Austinites when I say that we couldn't possibly be MORE READY for summertime, as we have been practicing our 100 degree days for over a month now. I think we're really going to ace this season, guys!

Obviously, I am celebrating the solstice with some hot soup. Specifically, Homesick Texan's Sopa de Lima. Between this and the Tex-Mex Chicken and Dumplings, I'm starting to think that lady really knows her way around a bowl of chicken soup. The next time you find yourself in possession of a whole chicken and a couple of hours, I suggest you consult Homesick Texan for further instructions.

Winter solstice menu: popsicles.
Anna greeted this fine new season by briefly, maniacally emerging from Her Box.


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