Next month: Will It Float?

As I rather sullenly teased on Friday, Sarah has bestowed upon me a theme for the week, possibly month/year, what, it's not like I have other plans, which is: actually make some of the food from those Tasty videos all over my Facebook feed. So here I am to answer the question on everybody's lips: Is It Tasty?

Recipe #1: Easy Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Pasta. I should point out that one of the hallmarks of the Tasty posts (and Buzzfeed generally) is the intensely internettish promises included with each dish, such as "This Pizza Is Delicious AF," "A Sandwich That Will Change Your Entire Worldview," "Damn Daniel, One Bite of This Casserole And You Will Set Fire To Your House, Your Neighbor's Houses, Climb Atop A Unicorn And Fly Away Into The Night," etc. So alongside the ultimate question of tastiness, I will also be evaluating the recipe-specific hype. This one came with a relatively modest "Is So Bomb." So...is it?

Tasty: yes.
Easy, Cheesy: yes.
So Bomb: nah?

It's a very standard pasta/chicken/broccoli combination, which is FINE AND GOOD for me and my house. I especially appreciated that it was legitimately a chop-it-up-toss-it-in sort of one-pan deal.


But if I am being honest with myself, can I imagine telling a friend "this pasta I made last night was so bomb"? No. I cannot. #journalisticintegrity

Recipe #2: Chocolate Galaxy Bark. Claim: Will Take You To Outer Space. Hitch: Thought I Had Star Shaped Sprinkles, Did Not.

Tasty: yes.
Chocolate: yes.
Took Me To Outer Space: no, but I failed at proper sprinkling so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.
Took Me To Pain-In-The-Ass Cleanup Town: yep yep.

Anyway, pretty good start! Everybody put on one dog shoe and one cat shoe to celebrate!

Then download Miitomo and friend me and get a matching pirate hat!

Don't chomp my pancake dress flavor though, come on