"Coy, but pleased" is her highest level of approval, to be clear

Okay everyone, buckle up for the most sugar-filled round of Is It Tasty to date and be sure to have your toothbrush handy for after!

Recipe #6: One-Pan Teriyaki Salmon Dinner. Claim: Is What You'll Want For Dinner Every Single Night. Substitution: Responsibility Chard in for Responsibility Broccoli.

Hey guys? This has half a cup of honey in it.

And 3/4 cup of brown sugar. For two salmon fillets. That's basically a HANDFUL of sugar for each piece of fish.

Tasty: dude, no.

One-Pan: yes.

 Want It For Dinner Every Night: didn't even want it that one night.

Child Approval Rating: mild insulin disruption, followed by one thumb middle.

Ivy declined to be interviewed for this piece.

Recipe #7: Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes. Claim: [Will Make You] Lose Your Shit.

Tasty: yep yep.

Shit Lost: I wouldn't say anyone lost their shit exactly, but Anna had a pretty good time trying to figure out how I got the strawberries in there.

Child Approval Rating: coy, but pleased.