The end of Tastiness

Here we go, time for the dregs thrilling conclusion of Is It Tasty month, wherein I possibly employ some self-sabotaging recipe selection in order to feel good about moving on from this theme.

Recipe #penultimate: Cheesy Zucchini Sausage Cups. Claim: "Tasty." Hmm.

I think this is actually from the "Tasty Junior" department, implying that your children will be excited to help make/eat these.

Tasty: eh, sort of, but the edges were painfully crispy and the bottoms were soggy.

Did my children want to help make these: hard pass.

Did my children want to eat these: no they certainly did not.

Recipe #thelast: Slow-Roasted Honey Glazed Pork. Claim: "Is So Delicious."

Tasty: I feel like I needed to cook this for about two more hours.

So Delicious: I guess if you just lick the glaze off the top it's pretty good, but I couldn't chew the thing at all.

Child Approval Rating: one thumb down, one slow backward retreat from the table coupled with a thousand-yard stare.

I got my Mother's Day gift early this year because Anna was so excited to "give it to me."

Seems like I will really enjoy that someday!

Ivy, predictably, is taking the contrarian position on Hamilton.

Her actual objection is that the costumes are "so boring."

PODCAST RECOMMENDATION FOLLOW-UP NOTE: The number of you who have thanked me for introducing you to The Beef and Dairy Network podcast is upsettingly close to "zero," but it's okay. I can wait.