Oh, there will also be Bob's burgers

Hellooooooo gentlefolk and welcome to the much-anticipated, second annual It's My Birthday Month And I'll Make What I Wanna Make May! I wanted to make soup! So I did that!

Huge pile of vegetables + butter + wine = really flipping great job, French people

Anyway, everything for the rest of the month is in the "nachos" category, pretty much.

We spent the weekend chick-sitting Anna's class...uh, tub o' birds. I am happy to report that we brought six living chicks home and returned six living chicks to school Monday morning although I spent a lot of time worrying that would not be the case. I credit Anna's avian-maternal instincts.

Seen here quietly reading to them from the Bob's Burgers Cookbook

We also began the slow process of acceptance that lo, the Infernal Season has begun.

Hello summer, my old friend