Also, most of my beef intake is in podcast form

Nobody panic, but I did find it within myself to cook a thing this week. And not just any thing! If you travel in the same internet circles as I do, you will know that Korean Beef is the thing, the very very hottest thing. Your children will love it! Your spouse will find you more attractive! The leftovers will inspire fisticuffs amongst loved ones!

I have to admit that my feeling going in was "hey internet, why are you trying to feed me sugarmeats" because 1/4 to 1/2 cup of brown sugar for one pound of beef seems like a lot. And just to be clear, I probably ate 17 pieces of taffy while I was preparing this dish, so I'm not judging anyone's sugar intake. I just don't really like it in my meats.

Anyway, it's not as bad as that Buzzfeed candyfish I made last month, but it was still a liiiiiiiitle on the sweet side for my taste as written. I think it's a useful idea in general, I would just cut the brown sugar down to a tablespoon or so. Teaspoon maybe? Eat the rest right out of a bowl after dinner.

Child approval rating: her thumbs say "two thumbs mostly up" but her eyes say *Morse code distress signal*

Based on her end of year preschool program, I think Ivy is pretty excited that we are zoned for the performing arts elementary school.