Thanks to everyone who helped rinse the vitamins back out of my system

After my dalliance with a healthy adult diet last week, the weekend was obviously going to go in a decidedly different direction. This is a given. You already knew it, in your bones. What you may not have predicted is how truly superlative my effort to undo any small amount of progress from WHF week would be. My mission began Saturday morning. Do I even need to tell you where?

Bacon, avocado, cheese, ham, mashed potatoes. Wheat tortillas.

We stopped at HEB on the way home from breakfast to re-stock the house.

Note that even the soda is liquor themed.

In the afternoon I took a short break from retoxifying myself in order to host a playdate with the other band babies. As you can see, Anna and Chloƫ were mildly interested in Cash's arrival. I think he was just hoping they didn't start ripping his onesie to shreds in pursuit of a souvenir.

Like a mini-Bieber, this guy.

So here's the really fantastic thing about this World's Tastiest Foods weekend: on Saturday night someone made me dinner, and on Sunday night someone bought me dinner. Both ridiculously nice and undeserved, it's like the universe was actually trying to make sure I filled back up. Thank you, universe-in-the-form-of-Emily-and-Paula.

Did I tell you there would be queso? Yes, I did. I was only desperately hoping at the time, in my soberly healthy delirium, that it would somehow materialize when the time was right, and then there it was.

Orange gold.

And although that would have been plenty for me personally, there were also fajitas and cupcakes.

It occurs to me that this was the second weekend in a row that Emily made dinner for us. I'm going to take that as an implicit establishment of a tradition. See you next weekend, guys!

Sunday morning there was a brief Anna and Daddy music session.

"Sorry Dad, it's a little heavy on the synthesizers for me."

Sunday night we went to Opal Divine's with Robert, Paula, and Haiden. I realize that you probably saw the vat of queso coming a mile away, but now I'm going to blow your mind by revealing that my weekend ALSO INCLUDED FRIED PICKLES.

Next time I will dip the fried pickles into the queso. This is my pledge to you.

I did give a slight nod to health by ordering a grilled chicken sandwich with spinach on it.

It's, uh, under the cheese.

In the end I decided it was slightly less embarrassing as a parent to post the picture of Anna entertaining herself with a pointy plastic object than the picture of her having sweet potato fries for dinner again.


  1. I think you should look at last week as a sort of "detox." Now your body is ready to ingest all the caffeine, carbs and cheese you can handle!

  2. Ok, seriously, your weekend was basically what I want every single day for the rest of my life to be like.

  3. This redeems you from the breakfast kale.

  4. Name check. And the fried pickles were good. I've had twice this week now...maybe I should try your "detox".