At least there was no monkey

Our house is slightly broken right now, in general. One: the ice-maker keeps making the freezer freak out. Our response to this thus far has been to leave the ice-maker sitting on the counter instead. Two: the master bathroom shower has super low water pressure. Not sure about Dan but my personal response to this one has been to forget that it's a problem for the 23 hours and 45 minutes a day that I'm not showering and then when I do turn on the water to make the following noise: "BAAAAH."

Third and most pressing, because we are cloth-diapering hippies, is the broken washing machine. We have switched to disposables for the moment, but there was still one giant bag of dirty diapers left stranded. Yesterday I attacked it with detergent, bleach, and gloves.

I'm now leaning back toward the miasma theory of disease.

I was trying to find an illustration of an old fashioned laundress to help demonstrate what my afternoon was like, but I had a hard time narrowing it down. I really wanted her to have the requisite amount of misery. And a hat.

Not enough hat.

Not nearly enough misery.

Good hat. Interesting footwear. A little too...coquettish.

Stupendous hat. But she's being entertained by a midget practicing the art of glassblowing, so that's probably pretty fun.

Well, here we go. In a surprising turn of events, I'm giving it to a hatless one because she seems to have been locked in the catacombs with a monkey and that is definitely miserable. We'll say the monkey ate her hat.

Here's a little tip for escaping the haunting smell of bleach and urine: cook an onion in some bacon grease.


Then throw that bad boy into some Tlacoyo Masa Pockets. Then follow the Serious Eats link to see what they're actually supposed to look like. Then take my word for it that when they say "how easy it is to work with masa" they are just mocking you.

I didn't manage to take a picture of Anna banging on the glass door at the library yesterday morning or of her banging on the glass door of the title company yesterday afternoon, so you'll just have to believe that those were the prominent activities of her day. Instead, here is an Anna Classic picture.

Summer is for reruns anyway.

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  1. Okay, so, I have inspected a clearer version of that painting and I'm sad to say that it is not a monkey hunched in the corner but rather a monkey-looking plant. However, in the clearer picture she also looks even more pissed off, so I'm sticking with her.