So I got out the scissors and glue stick and went to town

Hey, yeah, remember when I promised that the next time I really didn't feel like cooking dinner I wouldn't do it anyway and then be all mad at everything and complain a lot, even though I'm sure that makes for very interesting reading? Good, here's the hamburger I had for dinner Thursday night.

I did this for you.

I guess I'm going to blame the afternoon playdate I hosted, mostly because Anna went all Lesley Gore and cried the entire time and that was a little stressful. I only got one picture where she isn't throwing a fit.

I think she's trying to call a cab.

I was going to take an amusing picture of the playdate wreckage, but the other lovely mommies pretty much put everything away before they left, so that was out. Way to go, guys. Way to leave me with a tidy and unhilarious living room.

I understand that my skipping Day 4 of Bon App├ętit week has probably thrown you for quite a loop, and I hope you're able to adjust your schedule accordingly without too much inconvenience. If it helps at all, when I realized that I was off the hook for dinner and had an unusually clean house and therefore a little free time, I immediately started feeling bad--I absolutely swear--that I don't know how to scrapbook. Incessant self-flagellation! It's an art.

Got back on track last night with some Chicken Mole over rice. Spicy and delicious! Sometimes (frequently?) delicious things look sort of like dog food in a picture, so you just have to trust me. Belated Day 4: success.

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