Anna wrote everything from the 3rd paragraph on, is how basic this formula is

Ooooooh I am sleepy today you guys. I am so sleepy. The coffee I just had is serving only to keep my eyelids open, with no discernible effect on the absence of meaningful brainwaves behind them. I considered just posting the pictures from the weekend and letting you wildly speculate about what they could possibly mean (Did we have DINNER of some type? Did Anna do some things that were cute and/or humorous?? Was I somehow baffled by or hypocritical regarding parenthood???) but I don't want to leave you unguided, utterly adrift like that. Here, take my hand, and we will get through this together.

Part One: Dinner of some type. Cashew Chicken Curry with Cilantro Sauce. Either all the words in that description appeal to you, or they don't. It was really quick and simple for a curry, but still satisfying. I thought it was very tasty over rice noodles.

Part Two: Anna does something cute and/or humorous. At Kay the Official Homeowner's housewarming party I learned that she can, in fact, be diverted from cat-pursuit by a large enough orange ball.

Perhaps more usefully, I also learned that sometimes having a reasonably adorable child to play with other people's stuff means that they will then let you take that stuff home with you.

I'm going to see if I can get her to hang out closer to the liquor cabinet next time.

Part Three: More dinner of some type. Calabazas Horneadas. Took a lot longer to make than you would think summer-vegetable tacos would (guess that evens out the curry), but the flavor was really good and the cheese was really gooey. If you have any squash to use up, this is not a bad way to go.

Part Four: I am somehow baffled by or hypocritical regarding parenthood. Did I imagine, when reading intently through my multiple all natural organic homemade baby food cookbooks, that we would eventually be reduced to feeding her jarred food on a tortilla chip, which is apparently her new utensil of choice? Not really, no. But at this point I'm happy to let her eat all of her meals out of those giant fried tortilla bowls that taco salad comes in if that's what it takes.

Does this development prevent me from feeling smugly superior when the baby sign language dvd introduces the word "candy" as one of the first food words? No, I still have that. At least I still have that.

Sorry, honey, your dietary rules are arbitrary yet firm, until they aren't.

There now! We did it! And now you have a useful outline for the next time I think that 6 am yoga is a good idea and you're left to fill in the blogpost yourself.


  1. Is it time in the evolution of the English language to start using "text it in" as an idiom?

  2. There is far too much alliteration involved in the first dish presented in this post.