Green tea is the only reason I even have a pulse right now

Whew. Here on the morning of Day Three of the Five Day Healthiest Person in the World Plan, I must say that the lack of innervating beverages is starting to take its toll. (Fun fact: "innervate" is the opposite of "enervate." They're pronounced basically the same way as long as you, like me, don't really distinguish between the pronunciations of "pen" and "pin." (Note within a fun fact: if this is the case, you are probably from the South.) Use them both today and make everyone think you're very confused! Then drink some coffee for me. End of fun fact.)

Day Two menu: Swiss Breakfast with Greek yogurt, leftover Mediterranean Lentil Salad, 15-Minute Chicken & Asparagus, No-Bake Apple Walnut Tart.

Swiss Breakfast is just oatmeal with stuff in it. Unfortunately none of that stuff is chocolate or cheese. There may be a timepiece in there somewhere.

No red peppers in the recipe, but there were definitely some in the picture accompanying the recipe. What are you trying to pull, World's Healthiest Foods? I'm on to you.

Don't let the Raisin Army scare you, this was actually really good.

Okay, composing this post has been entirely enervating, I think I need to go lie down. But first, good news! Anna finally played nicely with another playgroup baby.

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