She would go half a mile out of her way to plow into someone

Friday night I made a giant salad.

Whoa, whoa, don't get the wrong idea. It was only meant to accompany the completely delicious pizza and huge pile of cookies that Emily made.

In my case, the salad was really just a way to prove that despite having pizza and cookies for dinner, we are totally responsible grown ups now. It's sort of the food version of wearing non-prescription reading glasses in an attempt to look intellectual. Or maybe I'm wrong and one slice of cucumber really does balance out three pieces of pizza? I'm not an expert or anything.

Since she's not in daycare or school yet, I've been taking Anna to a lot of playgroups so that she has a chance to be social with other children.

Hmm. Come on baby, can't you try to interact a little bit?


I'm not sure how she reached the conclusion that the fastest route to wherever she needs to be is always directly through other humans, but this is a belief that she is deeply committed to. Anyway, I'm really sorry, Cash. I hope your kidneys are okay. Maybe next time try hugging her? She hates that.

Saturday night I was feeling so out of practice on the cooking front that I figured I'd better ease back into "making dinner" by spending two minutes cutting things up for sandwiches.

Baby steps.


  1. Salad ALWAYS makes pizza healthier. I'm sure it's in a medical article somewhere...plus hopefully it will help counteract all of the BPA you are ingesting in the tomato sauce.

    Also...is Anna playing with measuring cups? I hope so...it always makes me happy when children gravitate towards the non-toys when they are surrounded by toys.

  2. Yes, measuring cups. I think in the second picture she is scolding them for monopolizing my attention lately. Anna is an expert at sussing out the one non-toy from the giant toy pile.