I may have buried the lede on this one

I'm embarking on another dinnertime theme week, but never fear, it's not designed to make myself miserable. Preposterously early morning hot yoga is currently filling that role. (What's that? Moderately healthy eating combined with a moderate exercise routine makes more sense than doing one extreme at a time? WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP, IMAGINARY INTERNET VOICE OF REAS(collapses in a sore, unconscious heap.))

So the food, yes. It's not a "theme" proper, and the driving factor in its formation was my realization that the Bon Appetit cookbook has about one ton of recipes and if I just picked a handful at once I wouldn't have to get up and grab another cookbook. Grocery list done! Bon Appetit theme enacted. Just move a shelf of cookbooks 12 feet away from me and watch the magic happen.

First up: Open Faced Crab Burgers with some grilled asparagus. I kicked off this particular theme by changing a pretty significant component of the recipe, substituting plain yogurt for mayonnaise. As one does. Just wanted to let you know that these crab burgers are not strictly canonical.

They were good though, and Dan was intrigued by the flavorful sauce, which consisted entirely of yogurt and mustard stirred together. So it's always a nice change of pace when something that took ten seconds to make tastes like a lot of effort.

Once in a while you spend, say, 13 and a half months working very, very hard on something hoping it'll turn out just right and then have a little bit of a breakdown because your project seems to be veering off course, missing targets such as "walking" and "eating bananas like every other baby in the history of humans" and this banana thing becomes sort of emblematic of what you assume are your failures as project manager and you think maybe you will stop eating them too because it's all just too frustrating to think about.

And then she's like, "What, this thing? Yeah, it's pretty good, whatever."

And then she COMPLETELY WALKS ACROSS THE KITCHEN, no big deal, because she senses that your camera is far away and who knows when she'll ever do it again, probably years from now.

"No one will ever believe you."

It's nice when mustard/yogurt sauce isn't like that, is what I'm saying.

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