Don't cook angry

First, the best part of my not-generally-good day yesterday: lunch date with Emily and Cash. I made some Greek Salad Pizza, because apparently despite my protests I do actually love salad on a pizza, as the evidence suggests.

There's not a recipe. I was going to make Greek salad and then I saw some pizza dough and one thing led to another and bam: Greek salad in a highly difficult to eat form. And that's why you come to me for food tips, right? That is why you're coming here? Okay then.

I was so, so very close to having to report to you that Day 2 of Bon Appetit week involved ordering Chinese food, because I was sort of stupidly sleep deprived and achy and my head was pounding and I have never hated myself more than when I realized that all the meals I had planned this week were annoyingly complicated. But I pressed on anyway, because I guess I figured a bad day may as well be a terrible day? I'm not sure what my logic was there. Anyway, I'm afraid I'm going to take all this out on the poor innocent curried couscous with roasted vegetables, peach chutney, and cilantro yogurt. It is probably a lovely meal in some less self-tortured context, yet I cannot remember the last time I was so viscerally infuriated with food. Okay, I do remember.


First of all, there are like five separate recipes within this recipe. Food processor, oven, something that has to chill for at least an hour, and three different stovetop burners. That is awful if you're having a hard time standing up. Second, all the different components seemed incredibly promising, but together it was just a big mush, with only the unfortunate bitterness of the eggplant standing out. Or maybe that's inaccurate and I would have hated anything that took me almost two hours to put together yesterday. Or half an hour. Or any effort at all. Yes, I promise next time I will just order the Chinese food and spare you this.

But in good news, look! Proof, sort of!

That's, um, broccoli in her hands. Just a weird camera angle, I guess. Also, she's starting at the....radio? Which is playing classical music.

And now I'm wondering if Anna has gotten mixed up with PETA-TBB (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal-Themed Board Books) because she has started trying to liberate them.

Dan re-captures a book that Anna had released into the wild.

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