A minor breakdown involving greens

As I drag into the late morning of Day Four of the Five Day World's Healthiest Person Plan, I should warn you that there will be no near-homonymic antonyms today. The time for such whimsy has passed. I had kale for breakfast yesterday, you guys. Kale. I guess when I was planning this menu in the midst of a caffeine and alcohol and cheese abundant weekend, that seemed like a reasonable thing to do on a Wednesday morning. But in the harsh light of midweek that pile of greens on an empty stomach took on a rather sinister quality. It may be called a Healthy Breakfast Frittata, but my nickname for it is Death of Joy (Breakfast Category).

In my stimulant-free misery I have also started to question whether anyone really wants to look at my dumb boring healthy stuff or my dumb boring stupid blog but you know what? I ATE THE KALE, AND NOW I WANT YOU TO LOOK AT IT. Look at the kale.


Okay, I'm sorry. Sorry I yelled. I ate a banana and now I feel better. Anyway, when lunchtime rolled around I wasn't remotely hungry, so maybe it is the best diet food ever. I think my stomach was saying, "If this is what we're doing for food now, forget it." Fortunately, Dan had taken the day off and sagely suggested that we go out to lunch on our way to Afternoon Adventure Times. I weakly agreed that Kerbey might bring me out of my Vitamin K-saturated funk.

Take a moment to enjoy the blessed lack of kale here.

I even managed to not cheat by ordering a Berkeley Salad with no dressing and some green tea. All salad components accounted for on that horrible list. Dan kept the universe in balance by ordering a beer and a burger.

For some reason, Anna wanted to sit on Daddy's side.

After lunch we headed to the UT campus for Afternoon Adventure Time, which consisted of Dan getting a new ID and then us going to check out the Blanton Museum. This plan involved quite a bit of walking, but there was only a 10% chance of rain, so we figured it was no problem.

Oh, except for the ridiculous downpour. Luckily, Anna found the rain amusing because she thinks it's just a giant sprinkler, so we trudged ahead, wet yet undeterred, and made it to the museum.

Here is some art that we saw.

We ended up buying a membership, probably because they were giving away a blank journal if you join this month and those rank right alongside "shiny things" at the top of my irresistible useless stuff list. So there you go, Austin peeps: if you want to go to the Blanton, I can get in free with a guest for the next year. Also I have a blank journal that you can look at.

After a very long and rainy day, the black bean chili we had for dinner was exactly what I wanted. It was almost enough to make me forgive WHF for the travesty that was breakfast. Maybe I should just be having chili for breakfast.

Finally, a word on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: my wonderment at the Swedish language has now been overtaken at my slack-jawed awe and envy at the fact that someone makes coffee approximately five times per page.


  1. Kale for breakfast. I am sorry about that.

  2. Somehow watching you eat kale for breakfast, etc... is having the opposite effect on me. Instead of inspiring me to eat better this week - I made spaghetti carbonara last night and washed it down with prosecco and if that wasn't bad enough, I had ice cream for dessert. Sad times here...I am going to need the healthiness to stop. ;)

  3. Apparently your blog is having the same effect on me. Just now, what was intended to be a "small snack to boost my blood sugar during the afternoon lull" became saturated with extra cheese, queso, sour cream and a handful of crushed up tortilla chips. And I know how helpful it is for everyone to leave you comments about what they've been eating. ;-)

  4. Don't worry, guys. Tune in next week when I avoid every item on the list of World's Healthiest Foods.

  5. Personally, I am loving WHF week. So far this week Dad has not come in,looked at my dinner offering and pouted with a comment about what Dan is eating. Hard to believe, but there is no kale for breakfast envy here. A twinge of rain envy perhaps. Just a twinge. or two.