I can see the finish line, and there is a bowl of queso there

Yes. Here we are. Just hours away from my ascension to the World's Healthiest Person throne. The ancients foretold a very brief reign, quickly toppled by cheeses and spirits. But before that darkness descends once again, let's take a quick inventory. How do I feel here on the cusp of World's Healthiest Person status? Sleepy. Irritated. Inordinately angry at vegetables. Grasping for...vocabulary...things. 1.4 lbs lighter. Anyway, I hope my little dalliance with anhedonia was as exciting for you as it was for me and Dan. Ask him about how full of life and energy and all around vitality I've been in the mornings! Pretty sure there was a glow somewhere beneath the scowl.

Yesterday's breakfast was Quinoa Cereal with Fresh Fruit. The process of eating this cereal in itself was inoffensive, however: 1) WHF again completely cheated by throwing some peaches and raspberries in their picture while they are nowhere to be found in the recipe or calorie calculation 2) the very idea of quinoa for breakfast is akin to kale for breakfast, as in, they are not bad foods, but they are capital H Healthy Foods, as in, I have never eaten either of those things in the same day as eating ice cream 3) I just now had so much trouble typing the word "quinoa" repeatedly that I've become lightly enraged.

Dear all the stuff on top of the quinoa: We're cool.

Dan, being a sane person, made himself some French toast.

It was made out of bread that was already cheese-stuffed. Just in case.

Lunch was leftover 15 Minute Chicken & Asparagus and dinner was the amusingly named Mexican Cheese Salad. Pretty much just a meatless taco salad, but because it involved beans, cheese, and avocado, probably my favorite thing this week. I will most likely make it again. And I will always call it by its proper name.

"I really have a hankering for some Mexican Cheese Salad."

I'm starting to worry about how often I park Anna in front of the television set.

Do you guys think I'm letting her sit too close to the screen?

Finishing up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Quick review: I'm pretty sure it was mostly about coffee and sandwiches. I liked that.


  1. You made it look prettier than it sounded like it was. And I am a bit concerned that Anna is so close to the television.

  2. I really want to read that book. Even more so now that I know Sandwiches are a big plot point.