When stubbornness turns theatrical

I've been thinking that maybe I could coax Anna into being a better eater if I put a little more effort into making things specifically for her. I have a couple of nice fancy baby food cookbooks, so yesterday I decided to try the cheese and vegetable omelet from The Petit Appetit Cookbook. It went about as well as you would expect.

Here are the 11 stages of Anna refusing to eat the omelet I cooked for her.

1. Investigation

"What's all this, then?"

2. Wariness

"Doesn't look like Cheerios or carpet fuzz. Not interested."

3. Jocularity

"What is the deal with omelets?"

4. Charm

"Let's forget this whole food thing and go grab a bottle."

5. Distraction

"Hey, look over there!"

6. Begging

"Mother, I beseech you."

7. Bargaining

"What's it gonna take to get the eggs off this table today?"

8. Expounding

"Here's the way I figure it..."

9. Trickery

"Behind what hand?"

10. Despair


11. Escape

"Hide me, giant monster fish pool!"

For the record, Dan and I both had the omelet for breakfast and it was very good. I guess if I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, I can say that she somehow heard through the baby grapevine about the massive egg recall and was just being extra cautious.

I tried not to let it affect my self-esteem as a cook too much, pressing on with mahi mahi and mojo sauce and carrot souffle for dinner. The carrot souffle was delicious, you know why? Because SOUFFLES ARE FREAKING DELICIOUS.

Finally, Anna got a hold of the remote control and I absolutely swear this was on the screen 30 seconds later:

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  1. You may have a budding actress on your hands. What an expressive face! It says it all. And then some.